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Dental floss and flossing teeth

Floss forms a huge part of dental hygiene and in fact can do for the teeth what brushing fails to. However, a lot goes into flossing and right from choosing the type of flossing equipment to the process of flossing, everything needs attention. Experts suggest that the right equipment for flossing is a waxed thread as opposed to a non waxed one. A waxed thread is able to glide through the teeth much more smoothly and helps dislodge the food particles stuck there. There are several brands available in the market today and almost any that has the approval of the American Dental Association will work well in flossing. However, the packaging of the thread may differ. Choosing a packaging that allows you to pull off the thread with ease, as well as cut if off without difficulty, will be better suited that threads that are simply rolled up in a coil. Also remember that it is best that a thread designed for flossing is used for the process rather than using any old thread for the routine. A thread not meant for flossing can break easily and leave its parts stuck in the teeth causing discomfort and other serious problems too. Over and above selecting the right type of thread, is learning the correct technique of flossing. Begin by tearing off a piece of the thread about 18 inches in length. Wrap is around the fingers and gently begin flossing between all the teeth and the overall gum area.

Dental floss can sometimes be flavored too and a selection maybe made depending on personal choice. More than the flavor, it is important to ensure that all the teeth are covered well. Special attention is demanded by the molars and wisdom teeth and one must make sure that the grip on the thread is firm when working on these parts of the mouth. Never try and reuse a piece of thread already used for flossing before.

Another important step to remember when learning how to floss is, rinsing the mouth with water once the process has been completed. Keep in mind that the thread must be disposed off in the plastic recycle bin rather than an ordinary one. One can use flossers for the process of flossing too and these definitely make it easier to reach out to the molars and other parts of the mouth.

Brushing your teeth is of course mandatory and should not be shelved just because you are using a flosser. A flosser is supposed to compliment the toothbrush, not replace it. It is important to use a flosser especially if you have gaps in between your teeth that invite food particles to lodge themselves. Foods like meats and corn are specially known to get stuck between the teeth and demand that floss be use to remove them. | RSS | Sitemap
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